“Markus came highly recommended by one of the top child psychiatrists in Seattle to help us navigate the many aspects of our son’s ADHD. As a physician, I have been very pleased with the in depth understanding and experience that Markus has. He has helped our son to become successful in school and feel good about himself. Markus has been a great coach for our son and a wonderful resource for us as parents.”

Simone, M.D., physician and parent

“Markus is a very good ADD/ADHD coach/counselor. His fees are upfront and average. Yes, there is a lot testing that he does up front to get how bad your ADD/ADHD is. And yes, you do have to pay for it. His coaching and counseling are good and his advise on what to do to get your act together is excellent. He is hard nosed about appointments – as he should be, as ADD people are easy to over-schedule themselves or blow off appointments. I rate Markus at a 5 out of 5 for his hard work with me and my family.”

Mark W., engineer and parent

“My college aged daughter was struggling with her classes and I thought she might have test anxiety. Our family physician recommended Mr. Lefkovits to us for an evaluation. After testing, interviewing various family members and our daughter, Mr. Lefkovits’ testing revealed our daughter to have ADHD. Working with our physician, Mr. Lefkovits provided input, counseling and recommendations to support our daughter in pursuing her college education. With this input, her grades, focus and self esteem have improved dramatically and she is much more successful at school. We found Mr. Lefkovits to be very knowledgeable, supportive and professional and would recommend him whole heartedly.”

Tina G., nurse and parent

“Markus helped our son and our family tremendously. He found effective ways to encourage the right behaviors and discourage the wrong behaviors ( in all of us ! ) He also helped take the struggle out of homework, which had become a real chore in our household. We are grateful for the positive impact he has had and will continue to have.”

Lisa, mother and marketing exec.

“I am a physician in Seattle. A colleague pointed out to me that perhaps my recurrent job dissatisfaction ( currently a cardiologist ) might be an issue with my approach, not with each of the four positions I held in 10 years. I had considered this but had not been able to change my attitude towards my career despite regular counseling. A session with Mr. Lefkovits was suggested to offer an alternate complementary approach to my problems. After several meetings with Mr. Lefkovits, it became apparent that I certainly had opportunities to function at a much higher level with greater job satisfaction. He communicated with my other health care provider who expressed great satisfaction with his evaluation. I have implemented changes that now only require twice yearly visits with my regular provider as a routine. I am much happier both at work and home and now look forward to continuing and progressing with the same organization for the rest of my career.
This, of course is all sincere and thank you greatly for your assistance.”

Local Physician