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Learning Disabilities & Attention Disorders


Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder – also referred to as ADD or ADHD – is a biological, brain-based condition that is characterized by poor attention and distractibility and/or hyperactive and impulsive behaviors. Conditions can become apparent in some children in the preschool and early school years.
  • Inattentive children may quickly get bored with a task or have a hard time keeping their minds on any one thing.
  • Hyperactive children seem to be constantly in motion or "on the go".

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*There are three types of ADHD currently defined by the DSM-IV, a manual published by the American Psychiatric Association covering all mental health disorders. ADD is actually one of the types of ADHD, which manifests as inattentive behaviors vs. hyperactivity.

Learning Disabilities:

According to the National Institutes of Health, 15% of the U.S. population (one in seven Americans) has some type of learning disability. A learning disability has no connection to someone’s intelligence. It is a neurological disorder that can impact how someone reads, writes, spells, reasons, recalls and organizes information. A learning disability can't be cured or fixed; it is a lifelong issue that can be addressed through skills coaching and educational therapy.
"Children with learning disabilities are as smart as their peers. The right support and intervention can help them succeed in school and go on to successful, often distinguished careers later in life."
– LD Online

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Frustrated Kid
Markus helped our son and family tremendously. He found effective ways to encourage the right behaviors and discourage the wrong behaviors – in all of us.”
- Mother of teenage son
We learned that my daughter’s learning disability had gone undetected until 7th grade. Once we knew what she was facing, I understood why homework was making her so anxious.
- Father of 14 year-old
Once my son was diagnosed with ADHD, so much made sense. He and I are so much alike, I got myself assessed too. Now both of us are learning together through family counseling and individual coaching.
- Mother of 10 year-old

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