How Do We Start?

Comprehensive Educational Evaluation & Assessment

Here's what is involved:

1) Initial Interview
In-person meeting with parents and child
2) Discovery Process
2 or 3 questionnaires for parents, teachers, and child
3) In-depth Testing
Total 5 to 6 hours with child over 3 or more sessions
  • Cognitive Learning Profile
  • Learning Style
  • Language Development
  • Modality Processing
  • Achievement Levels – in basic reading, writing, and mathematics
4) Screening
For possible attention or behavior disorders, depression, and anxiety
5) Assessment and Family Conference
Meet to review evaluation results and discuss recommendations for school placement, learning assistance, special educational placement, educational therapy, emotional counseling, and skills-based coaching.
6) Full Written Report
Evaluation results and recommendations, including a full profile detailing child’s learning strengths and weaknesses
Initial evaluation and assessment is designed to identify and quantify the severity of your child’s learning disabilities and attention deficits. My focus is on answering questions about why the problems manifest and “what to do now” rather than just diagnosing the problem.

At completion of initial assessment, I recommend specific “next steps” tailored for your child's unique needs and personality. My goal is to discover your child’s natural strengths and explore ways to utilize those strengths to enhance her or his potential and performance.

Evaluation encompasses learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, fetal alcohol syndrome, behavioral and social problems, and/or other conditions that may interfere with learning and social functioning.

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