My Approach

My approach is to design and implement evaluation and treatment based on the most recent criteria established by the American Psychiatric Association and the latest findings in neuro-science. In a culture that is inundated by modern media, approaches offering quick fixes, and treatment approaches with few if any definite research findings, it is prudent to be careful in offering the public services that have genuine and proven efficacy.

To this end, my services reflect a thoughtful and conservative approach in evaluation and treatment. Only those methods that have a sustained and researched based track record are utilized. Popular fads or “the flavor of the month” are avoided.

Since starting my practice in 1975, I have seen many different treatments offered for ADHD and learning disabilities to be popular for only a short period and then disappear into non-relevance. Our American culture has been influenced to accept the notion of a quick resolution to complex problems like our fast food industry and at times with our pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, compliance with treatment for serious problems has been a challenge for most serious professionals.

For those considering making an appointment please note: I do not accept clients who wish to schedule occasionally. Working on issues requires a weekly commitment and my scheduling does not allow for intermittent appointments. The same criteria applies for video and phone sessions.