Kids & Teens

What Happens Now?

Everyone learns differently.

You are unique and have talents and strengths that belong to you alone. 

When you come to meet with me as your coach or counselor, we'll work together to identify your natural strengths and explore ways you can use them to enhance your potential and performance.

We'll find ways to organize your ideas.

Coaching and counseling can help you discover ways to organize information so that it makes sense to you.

You'll discover new ways to learn.

As your coach and counselor, I'll help you pinpoint your strengths and develop them further. If words or numbers are tangled up inside your head, we'll explore ways to learn that work for you.

Did you know?

Famous people have learning disabilities and attention deficit orders, too.
Click here to explore who they are »

Child Learning from a Teacher
Children with learning disabilities are as smart as their peers. The right support and intervention can help them succeed in school and go on to successful, often distinguished careers later in life.
- LD Online

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