Markus Lefkovits

M.S., Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Training and credentials include:

  • B.A. Psychology, University of Washington
  • B.S. Neurophysiology, University of Washington
  • M.S. Learning Disabilities, School of Medical Sciences, University of the Pacific
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy Certificate, Harvard Medical School
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor, State of Washington

Active memberships include:

  • Association of Educational Therapists
  • International Coach Federation
  • Learning Disabilities Association
  • National Counselors' Association
  • WA State Counselors' Association
  • American Psychotherapy Association, Diplomat

Markus' specialties include:

Evaluation and Differential Diagnosis
I evaluate and diagnosis ADHD, learning disorders, depression, and anxiety.

Individual and Family Counseling
I equip children and adults with solutions to better manage their disability and achieve their fullest potential.

ADHD and Life Skills Coaching
I help clients identify strengths and weaknesses, understand their disabilities, and learn strategies for leading with strengths.

Educational Therapy
I teach my clients ways to positively impact their learning, social skills, and employment.

Educational & Career Consulting
I specialize in helping institutions with educational planning, vocational planning, and employment planning for individuals with ADHD and/or learning disabilities. 

Markus Lefkowits
Markus Lefkovits received his graduate training in differential diagnosis and remediation of learning disabilities, working with children and adults.

His graduate program included formal training in testing and measurement, speech and language, neurology, occupational therapy and curriculum design.

ADHD Coaching, Counseling and Educational Therapy for Children, Adolescents and Teens in Seattle, Washington
Licensed Counselor and Coach for Adults with ADHD and Learning Disorders in Seattle, Washington
Kids and Teens with Learning Disorders or ADHDParents of Children with ADHD or Learning Disorders
Adults with ADHD or Learning DisordersReferring PhysiciansConsulting for Schools, Organizations, and Employers
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