Your Unique Talents Can Get You Places!

Many successful (and even famous) individuals grew up with either a learning disability, ADHD, or both! Check out this list of celebrities with LD or ADHD; you might be surprised who you find.
You may share interests with people on this list. And you may admire their accomplishments. I want you to know that someday YOU could be on a list like this (if you want to be).

There’s nothing stopping you from working to achieve anything you’d like to in your life. LD and ADHD do not stop you from learning or doing – you just need to discover the ways that work for you.

>>Look at what these people have created and achieved in their lives: paintings, sculpture, fashion, playing professional football, starring on TV and in the movies, even having movies written about them! They are accomplished actors, inventors, artists, politicians, doctors, lawyers, singers, scientists, writers, musicians, explorers and adventurers.

When I think of these people and the kids I know who work hard to achieve great things, these are the words that come to mind: inspirational, hard workers, creative learners, committed individuals, original, unconventional, adventuresome, daring and smart!

Coach Markus

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