Signs of Learning Disabilities in Children…

As a parent, you are most likely the first to recognize that your child may have difficulty learning. Or perhaps his or her teacher has brought it to your attention. Every child is different and it’s important to get your child tested, so you know which learning disability your child may possess.

I’m going to recommend two online resources where you can learn more about recognizing the signs of disabilities in children:

  1. LD Online is the world’s leading website on learning disabilities – which explains common signs that you may or may not spot in your child.
  2. is the National Center for Learning Disabilities website – they help explain the basic facts about learning disabilities and offer an early warning signs checklist of signs and symptoms.

If you are aware of the common signs of learning disabilities, you will be able to recognize potential problems early. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance from professionals (such as myself) as the earlier you start to treat LD, the more success a person may experience.

A recent National Institutes of Health study showed that 67 percent of young students who were at risk for reading difficulties became average or above average readers after receiving help in the early grades.

I specialize in Comprehensive Educational Evaluation & Assessment and have worked with children with learning disorders for nearly 30 years.

Initial evaluation and assessment is designed to identify and quantify the severity of your child’s learning disabilities and possible attention deficits. We focus on “what do we do now” rather than just diagnosing the problem. And I design Educational Therapy solutions catered to your child’s needs.

Let’s discuss your concerns, your child, and how I can help your family discover a great solution: 206.329.7100


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