Family Counseling

Counseling will look different from one family to the next.
How we proceed depends on your unique needs…

I’ll give you two examples here — but the big take away is that I involve the family in the process. Your child does not live in this world all alone; they are part of a community. So, counseling involves those people who play crucial roles in that community — parents, siblings, even teachers.

 Please note: clients’ names have been changed to protect privacy.

  1. Example One: Sometimes counseling addresses something very SPECIFIC.

Tom and Julia came to me asking for help with their oppositional and defiant son Joshua. This young man complained about everything his mother cooked for him and refused to do his homework without arguing about it every night. His parents got to the point that they felt powerless; their kid was running roughshod over them.

Our counseling was very different than classical psychotherapy. We did discuss the feelings and emotions involved in this sort of behavior, but we focused on “what to do now” to change behavior. We involved Joshua and his parents, and set up a reward/incentive program for him. Therapy was about “empowering his parents to be authoritative.”

2. Example Two: Sometimes counseling addresses larger EMOTIONAL or MOOD disorders.

On the other end of the spectrum from specific actions are larger systemic emotional and mood issues or disorders —like social phobia or depression or relentless anxiety. In these cases, your child can be experiencing incredible levels of anxiety, fear of the unknown, or panic about not being in control.

Our counseling sessions focus on examining these emotions and discovering solutions for each problem. My techniques are not typical psychotherapy where someone spends session-after-session talking over their emotions and the possible root causes. Instead, I focus on diagnosing the problem and “what to do now”.

Before we start any counseling sessions, I complete an initial evaluation and assessment of your child. This is designed to identify and quantify the severity of any learning disabilities, attention deficits and/or other conditions that may interfere with learning and social functioning.

My goal through counseling and therapy is to help you and your child discover his or her natural strengths and explore ways to utilize those strengths to enhance performance, ease anxiety and increase life’s enjoyment.

Contact me. Let’s talk in more detail about your child’s specific case.


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