Educational Therapy

I specialize in Educational Therapy for kids with learning disabilities and ADHD.

I love my job and I especially love the process of helping a child break through barriers that have kept them from learning in the past. To see them suddenly “get it” and to realize that they can learn just about anything — once they discover how they best “learn”.

The crux of what we do in Educational Therapy is to create tailored strategies of learning based on how a particular child learns. For example, when teaching a child who is a visual learner, whose auditory processing may not be his greatest strength:  

  • We look at common patterns in words when learning phonics — rather than simply sounding out the words or using audio programs.
  • In mathematics, we present information in a visual format through computer training programs or flash cards that cater to visual learners.

All children learn differently.

If your child has weak fine motor skills: I will encourage her teacher to not combine handwriting with learning to read — and to rather break the two apart into separate lessons.

It is all quite a personalized and tailored experience. It is tutorial-by-design based on understanding how a child, adolescent or teen learns.

  • I begin with interviewing your child and testing them through a Comprehensive Educational Evaluation & Assessment.
  • At completion of initial assessment, I recommend specific “next steps” tailored for your child’s unique needs and personality.

I have 30+ years experience working with children in Educational Therapy, designing curriculum, and specializing in evaluating, assessing, and treating learning disabilities and attention deficits.

My goal is to discover your child’s natural strengths and explore ways to utilize those strengths to enhance her or his potential and performance. As soon as we start, your child can start learning in ways that work best for him or her! 

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