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Parents often ask me: What’s the difference between “coaching and “counseling” ?

COACHING:  My job as your child’s ADHD coach is to introduce him or her to techniques that can help them manage time, set and meet goals, organize tasks, and complete projects.If your child has recently been diagnosed with ADHD, coaching can introduce him or her to specific ways to better manage home life and complete school work.

COUNSELING: When we meet for counseling, it’s a different experience. My job as your family’s counselor is to help you explore your emotions. Working with your family, I focus on diagnosing the problem and working on “what to do now” to manage fear, anxiety and moods which impact behavior.

Now let’s explore what happens in ADHD Coaching…

Coaching teaches strategies for improving the way kids get things done:

  • Time management
  • Structuring daily and weekly activities
  • Learning to follow through on tasks
  • Developing effective learning strategies
  • Improving communication skills
  • Managing anger
  • Establishing positive self-esteem

Much like a soccer coach helps young athletes learn the rules of the game and the drills required to improve their skills, I work with young students to help them learn ways to improve their abilities.

Coaching kids is about helping them discover, identify and acknowledge their strengths. To value those strengths and to learn ways of channeling strengths to accomplish whatever they wish to pursue.

It’s also about helping to instill highly effective habits at a young age that they can use throughout their lifetime to compensate for their attention deficit.

ADHD does not “go away” with age. So, the more ingrained solutions and strategies for dealing with ADHD, the more success a child has with organizing his or her thoughts and actions to accomplish the goals they set out to reach.

Contact me to talk in detail about how coaching could help your child.

— Markus

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