10 Great Things about Getting Help

There’s a great article in ADDitude Magazine I’d love for you to read – it is about getting diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, and getting help through therapy and coaching. Read what the adults interviewed for this article say that after they were able to access the help they needed!

10 Great Things about Getting Help

“I can finally read a book from start to finish.”

  1. “I have a much deeper relationship with my spouse than ever before.”
  2.  “I can fall asleep and stay asleep.”
  3. “I’m sooooooo much more focused at work!”
  4. “Overall, I’m a much better parent now.”
  5. “My creativity has been enhanced, not dampened, by the medication.”
  6. Most of the time I actually know where my cell phone and car keys are.”
  7. “I’m finally getting my college degree.”
  8. “I’m proud of my home, (it’s) now more organized than it has ever been.”
  9.  “I’m doing more activities that are just for fun.”

I specialize in diagnosing and treating ADHD in adults. I am licensed and well-qualified after years of training and working with ADHD adults to diagnose learning disabilities, ADHD, fetal alcohol syndrome, head injury, and/or other conditions that may interfere with learning and social functioning.

Initial evaluation and assessment is designed to identify and quantify the severity of learning disabilities and attention deficits. My approach is to then focus on “what do we do now” rather than just diagnosing the problem. At completion of initial assessment, I will recommend specific “next steps” tailored to your unique self.

My goal is to discover your natural strengths and explore ways you can utilize those strengths to enhance you potential and performance. Contact me to arrange an evaluation at 206.329.7100 or markus@shineyourstrengths.com

Markus Lefkovits

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