Helping Children and Adults Overcome Barriers

My practice is focused on helping children and adults who struggle with learning disabilities (LD) or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). An evaluation will help determine which is present in an individual and to what extent.  The latest in neuro-science research is then used to design remedial and therapeutic methods.

It is not easy for people with ADHD or LD to achieve in school or life in general.  I know this from personal experience, coming to the United States from Sweden when I was 7.

First, I had to learn English quickly because I had no friends and really missed the one’s I left behind in Sweden.   Learning to read English was a challenge, but my first grade teacher had endless patience and saved me from drowning in the world of words and speech.  I also struggled with lack of attention and distractibility (no one knew about ADHD at that time).  By the time I got to the third grade, in a bi-lingual school, I earned an award for the best student in the class.

This experience provides the backdrop for the professional skills I bring to bare in working with my clients.  Having experienced ADHD and learning challenges, I help people navigate the challenges they face with humor and compassion and hope.  My compassion for them comes first with an understanding that goes beyond any skills I learned in graduate school.

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